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Alabama Armstrong
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Subsonic Funk

Patrick Armstrong started playing bass over a decade ago while he was in high school.  He taught himself the rudiments of the instrument while playing along to CD's by 90's alternative rock acts such as Pearl Jam, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots and Live.  The high school bands Armstrong was in were known more for their strange hair, flannel shirts and boots than they were for their music.  Moving to the University of Georgia in 1996 opened new doors for musical influences, including an ancient love of the 4 Tops and all of Motown, R&B and Hip Hop.  While in Athens, Armstrong fronted the alt pop band "cookies for josh" and the anthemic southern rock band Overnight Low.  For a while, he played bass with the beakbeat jazz/soul music ensemble of Ori.  In his time in Athens, Armstrong helped start MadBomb! Productions, a booking and talent agency, and wrote several articles for Flagpole Magazine.  Now he lives in St Simons and is determined to be a part of the South Georgia music scene so known for the talented artists who live here.



Rock and Roll at its best